Discharge Low Solutions

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Discharge Low Solutions:

-Check drip settings. The system should be designed and calibrated to allow for the same volume of treated wastewater to discharge during each drip cycle. The default discharge runtime is 15 minutes. In some cases, that setting may need to be reduced to compensate for a drip zone that contains significantly more linear feet than the others in the drip system. Check the site as-builts or design plans to verify.

-If a Float Error or Sensor Integrity Error were detected within a few seconds of the Discharge Low Level Alarm, then the level sensing equipment may be faulty. Check float and/or ultrasonic sensor settings.

-Check the DRIP log to compare GPM readings for supply pressure to ensure that they are in line with commissioned values. If GPM values are higher than normal, overdosing is occurring and the discharge level could drop faster than expected.